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Claudia is an executive assistant to Chris Barbin and also supports the wider team, a role that is critical to Tercera, our culture, and our productivity. Prior to Tercera, she worked at several international companies in customer service and as an administrative assistant for ten years. She studied English at school and has always worked in bilingual companies. Claudia lives in Honduras with her husband and two children. She recently earned her degree in marketing from GAIA Business School in Guatemala.

What makes you tick?

Since an early age, I have spoken English, yet I could never practice it with anyone at home. But every time I traveled, I thrived on speaking the language with everyone I met. I have always been interested in having the opportunity to work at a company based in the U.S. to learn more about the business environment there and to provide a better future for my children.

Why are you so Passionate about Service?

I strongly believe that the gift of helping others and having empathy are two important characteristics to have in the workplace. Knowing how to work with and understand people is key, especially in the services industry. Any company that provides quality service knows that people come first. I have always believed that treating other people the way you would like to be treated can lead to success in any industry.

What is a company you really admire and why?

The Cerveceria Centroamericana company was founded in Guatemala in the 1800’s, and has supported the country in so many ways over hundreds of years. Not only in what they do, but in their beliefs and how they care for their employees as well as clients.