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Cloud's Third Wave

New platforms, new players, new rules of engagement.
Are you ready to ride the next wave of cloud innovation?

What is the third wave of the cloud?

We are entering a new era of cloud computing – perhaps the biggest era yet with cloud-related spending expected to reach nearly $1 trillion by 2030.

In the third wave, customers no longer new to the cloud are using a diverse set of cloud building blocks to create digital experiences that connect and engage customers and employees in a whole new way.

These digital initiatives, built from the ground up and constantly evolving, will be supported by a new generation of service providers. The third wave cloud consultancies.

The three waves of Cloud Computing


Companies are piecing together a broad array of hybrid cloud and multi-cloud solutions, some from vendors that led the first two waves but also from a new set of cloud leaders.

What Defines A
Third Wave Cloud Consultancy?

Business Values for a New Workforce

Refined Go-To-Market and Delivery Models

An Evolving Skill Set

Learn more about what is driving the cloud’s third wave and what it takes to be a cloud consultancy in this new era.

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