If you are building a business in the cloud’s third wave,

which ecosystems offer the greatest potential for partners?

The Tercera 30 recognizes the SaaS companies and cloud platforms that have put partners at the center of their success strategy, who we believe hold great near-term and long-term potential for founders looking to build, expand or scale a services business.

The Tercera 30:

These established and emerging cloud providers each play a role in today’s enterprise IT stack, offering big opportunities for their top services partners.

market anchors

market movers

market challengers

We started with 100 cloud-focused ISVs, and evaluated the following to determine our Top 30

Market potential

A company’s TAM, Enterprise Value, funding levels and valuation

Revenue and growth

Cloud-focused revenue and year-over-year growth for FY21 (if publicly available)

Services opportunity

The estimated services intensity (attach rate) for the vendor’s product portfolio

Ecosystem maturity

The current number of partners in their ecosystem, level of global SI support, and partner program rankings

Third party evaluations

Market awareness and placement on relevant analyst reports and industry rankings

Our evaluation

Tercera’s view on third wave market potential, M&A and investment interest, and services opportunity

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Market Anchors, Market Movers and Market Challengers

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Introducing the Tercera 30: The Top Cloud Ecosystems for Partners

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