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Appirio, Wipro Limited, Electronic Arts

Diane is Executive Assistant to Chris Barbin, CEO and founder of Tercera, and is one of the firm’s top cultural ambassadors. Diane’s professional partnership with Chris spans more than a decade, where she supported Chris as he grew the company to more than 1,500 employees. Diane was also instrumental in supporting Chris and the company through the acquisition and transition to Wipro, and was a key member of the Wipro Culture Works team.

What makes you tick?

I grew up in the suburbs in what is now called Silicon Valley, although when I lived there it was a valley of fruit trees. My dad worked for Pacific Telephone and commuted on the train into San Francisco, showing me every day his love and commitment for work and taking care of his family. I carry those core values with me to this day.

Why are you so passionate about helping founders and/or people-based businesses?

I started my career as an assistant at Tandem Computers which was eventually acquired by Compaq and then HP.  My goal was to always work for a CEO and luckily was hired into Covad Communications during the dot-com boom. That’s where I got the start-up bug. I always thought I’d end up working for a more traditional company but after working at a few start-ups, I’ve learned that I love being part of a team filled with passion and energy that believe in something transformative. Supporting growing teams in new and creative spaces and watching how they change the world is my thing.

What is a company you really admire and why?

SpaceX. The wild, wild west still exists as they continue to explore frontiers in new and creative ways we’ve never seen before. They call attention to all the possibilities and learnings the future still holds.