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Garrett is a Partner at Tercera leading the investment team, where he is responsible for sourcing, executing, and developing investments in next-generation services businesses. Prior to Tercera, Garrett was a Principal at Abry Partners, a middle-market private equity firm, where he focused on communications and tech services minority and majority investments. Over his decade at Abry, Garrett made over a dozen platform investments, investing $1.2 billion of equity capital.  He has worked with businesses at all stages of growth, levered and unlevered, acquisitive or not, with revenues ranging from $20 million to greater than $500 million. Garrett lives happily in Boston’s South End with his fiance. When he’s not working, you can find him out for a hike, on the water in his foldable kayak, or on the tennis court.

What makes you tick?

After a health crisis and open heart surgery a few years back, I learned that each day is precious and it is important to grow and utilize those learnings to make the world a better place.  Learning takes a lifetime and I thrive on knowing that every day in this role is different and there is always something new to learn and teach. One day I may help a CEO think through options of expanding their team in Mexico, and the next day meet a founder for the first time to learn about their story.  I love that feeling of finishing a day knowing that my knowledge set expanded and I’m sleeping with a better understanding of the world around me.

Why are you so passionate about helping founders and/or services businesses?

I come from a different background than most founders do, growing up in the finance world. However, I’ve worked hand-in-hand with more than 20 people-based businesses, helping them through various life cycle stages. I’ve seen best practices implemented at fast-growing organizations and others that have made mistakes which cost them dearly. I’ve seen great integrations and poor ones; companies that ride the wave of broad growth in their industry, and ones that have to pivot as their ecosystem hits significant headwinds. I am passionate about doing what I can to guide founders avoid these pitfalls and help point them to the lanes of growth to help them achieve their goals. By making each company I work with better, we can create great jobs and improve the communities around us.

What is a company you really admire and why? (for-profit)

I love how Formula One has grown since its acquisition by LibertyMedia in 2016.  Back in 2016, F1 faced significant challenges as demand was waning and TV was struggling. People just weren’t sitting down to watch an F1 race. By teaming up with LibertyMedia, they were able to utilize the media expertise of their parent organization to launch a Netflix show to extend their reach beyond the racetrack and humanize their drivers. Management also took advantage of a fast-evolving streaming landscape, shortened races to better align with today’s viewing habits, and launched new races in key geographies to more than triple viewership in the US and become the “most valuable sports empire”. When it seems that the macro environment is moving against you, sometimes finding the right partner helps. I would not have dared to sit down to watch an F1 race in 2016, but now I will from time to time, which is enough to make me admire them.



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