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Lisa is a partner at Tercera and responsible for the firm’s operations, as well as the growth and enablement of Tecera’s advisory community and helping portfolio companies scale. Her experience leading delivery operations at Appirio, guiding post-merger integrations, and scaling up global delivery functions puts her in a unique position to provide pragmatic advice to Tercera’s portfolio companies. This experience, along with time spent leading Appirio teams in Europe and extensive travel to India, makes her a go-to on topics such as international expansion, integration and global services operations.

What makes you tick?

I grew up in a family where the focus was family, sports and a large dose of quirky humor. In my early days I was exactly like Lisa Simpson — focused on perfection and thrilled when I won awards like ‘Perfect Attendance.’ My family (primarily my Dad) eventually helped me appreciate the beauty of the journey and the importance of resilience. I still love an accomplishment, but now it comes in the form of finishing a marathon or helping work through a complex problem. I appreciate my family every day as I think about the interesting turns and experiences I have had so far in life.

Why are you so passionate about helping founders and people-based businesses?

I love the energy of a start-up company and the evolution from passionate chaos to scalable organization. Every journey is unique with its own variety of challenges, yet there are similarities to learn from and convert into repeatable strategies. It’s my operational mindset, background in talent management and love of problem-solving that attract me to the challenge of growing a company.

What is a company you really admire and why?

The Mom Project. They focus on increasing diversity in the workforce by creating an environment where women are able to reenter work after taking time away from their career to focus on family. Their work includes educating employers and making connections through technology.


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