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President of Sublime Designs Media


  • Brand strategy
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  • Megan is a branding and marketing pro with deep expertise building brands from the ground up. In 2002 she founded Sublime Designs Media, a branding and creative marketing firm that takes a fresh approach to solving a wide range of marketing challenges. Whether it’s helping cloud services companies stand out, helping a 20-year old medical physics company modernize their brand, or helping a space camp transition into business services, Megan thrives on thinking outside the box.

    What do you love about helping entrepreneurs and founders?

    I love helping to make change happen. When you work directly with a founder, you can effect change across an organization — or even an entire industry. It’s exciting to watch that unfold as the founder meets goals and scales the business.

    You’ve helped dozens of product and services companies create brands that stand out and stand for something. What is the secret to creating a memorable and impactful brand?

    The secret to creating an effective brand is connecting with customers. Your customers are filled with important insights about what your messaging and design should look and sound like. Rather than guessing as to what they want or need, you should ask them. They’ll tell you why they hired you, how they see you as different from competitors, and what sold them on your services. You’ll be surprised to learn that it’s often vastly different from how you perceive yourself and your brand. These insights are invaluable input for your brand strategy. When you use them as the foundation for your brand, you’ll connect with customers emotionally and engender brand loyalty.

    What are the elements of an effective brand strategy?

    An effective brand really rests on three things:

    1. Knowing what drives you. This is your mission, values and brand promise. These three powerful elements should act as your north star for decision making and everything around your brand.
    2. Having a simple, consistent, and differentiated story. People have limited attention spans. Nothing captures their attention more than a compelling brand story, especially when it’s told in a unique voice.
    3. Crafting a visual identity. This is what makes your brand look and feel different – your logo, fonts, colors, icons, graphics, and photos. It will set you apart and create an emotional connection to your brand.



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