Last updated: May 2024

About the Company:

OneStream is an enterprise finance platform that unifies financial and operational data for more accurate and efficient enterprise planning. It embeds AI for better decisions and productivity, enabling the C-suite to drive strategy and the business forward. OneStream has grown rapidly in the last ten years. With more than 1,400 customers operating across 45 different countries, OneStream is a global player that counts some of the top manufacturing, public sector, financial services and healthcare companies as satisfied customers.

Company Stats:



Market Segment:

Corporate Performance Management (CPM), Business Operations


Tom Shea


$6 billion


About the Partner Ecosystem:

The OneStream partner ecosystem is diverse, with about 250 partners. This includes both global systems integrators (GSIs) and smaller, regional consulting partners. While partners have always been instrumental to OneStream’s go-to-market strategy and implementation success, the company chooses to go deep rather than wide with partners. It feels a sense of obligation to ensure every partner has ample opportunity to succeed and thrive within the ecosystem, so it is intentionally growing only 5% year over year. This makes it one of the most challenging ecosystems to break into for new entrants.

The partner program leverages a traditional tiering system in which partners must earn their status through successful implementations and customer success. Healthy competition exists, however, OneStream talks often about a “better together” mentality that ensures partners ultimately keep customer satisfaction front and center.


  • A formal tiering system based on successful implementations; no partner buy-ins
  • Structured partner training, testing, certification with support for train the trainer models at partners to establish resident OneStream experts
  • Partner management team providing 1-to-1 partner support
  • Collaborative go-to-market support from a dedicated alliances marketing team to help jointly develop and service leads

Keys to Service Partner Success:

OneStream sees its service partners as its customers’ trusted advisors, with the ability to dive deep into unique customer needs to ensure success with the platform. The most successful partners understand their value in this capacity and act as a unified go-to-market team with OneStream. Any technology services firm looking to gain entry to the ecosystem needs to not come to the table empty-handed, but rather with a unique point of view that differentiates the partner’s value and contribution to the team’s joint success.

“There’s just no need to boil the ocean, and you can’t be very precise when you’re trying to do everything. So, I was always taught “niche is rich.” Figure out what your niche is, and differentiate yourself and go for it.”

Stephanie Cramp
SVP Global Strategic Alliance Channel, OneStream Software


OneStream has been embedding AI in its CPM platform to enhance financial and operational planning since long before the acronym ever became a household word. For example, its Sensible ML capabilities can dramatically improve forecast accuracy using both internal proprietary data and external inputs such as market changes or weather.

The company realizes though that customers are still struggling to understand what AI means for their businesses, and to find partners that can help them leverage it in appropriate and meaningful ways. This is why OneStream encourages its partners to take AI out of the black box and normalize it for customers, helping them get more comfortable with using AI for efforts such as analyzing customer behavior, forecasting future trends, and identifying patterns.

Near-term Opportunities for Service Partners:

  1. Get educated on how OneStream uses AI and how to harness it within customer environments
  2. Develop new solutions on the OneStream platform and leverage the OneStream marketplace
  3. Specialize in key industries and bring your point of view — OneStream highlights banking, insurance and healthcare as opportunities, and specific solutions for manufacturing