Last updated: May 2024

About the Company:

ServiceNow helps digitize and unify organizations so that they can find smarter, faster, better ways to make work flow. ServiceNow has long been a leader in the IT Services Management (ITSM) space and now offers a platform, the Now Platform®, to help companies manage all their digital workflows. According to ServiceNow, 85% of the Fortune 500 companies run on the Now Platform. The number of products in the ServiceNow portfolio has nearly quadrupled in recent years and now includes solutions for customer service management, IT operations management, HR service delivery, strategic portfolio management, governance, risk and compliance and more. This rate of new product development, along with the ability to build AI-enabled custom workflows on the Now Platform, offers increasing opportunities for services partners.

Company Stats:



Market Segment:

Employee Productivity & Collaboration, Process Automation & Integration, Business Operations, AI


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About the Partner Ecosystem:

As one of the largest, publicly traded cloud-oriented software companies, ServiceNow is known for having a large and thriving partner ecosystem. While ServiceNow’s partner ecosystem is earlier in its life cycle than some of its more established peers (such as Microsoft, Oracle or SAP), it is a mature ecosystem and has experienced a good deal of M&A activity in recent years. However, the ecosystem is far from saturated and ServiceNow is actively looking for new partners of all types across its global operations. This, along with the company’s consistent high growth, a newly revamped partner program and a goal to train more than one million people on the Now Platform make it a solid choice for new and expanding service providers — especially those that can help customers make greater use of the Gen-AI capabilities and offerings within the platform.


ServiceNow offers four partner paths:

  • Consulting and implementation partner
  • Service provider
  • Resell partner
  • Build partner

“ Partners are the force multiplier of all our efforts. They are what delight the customers and make them repeat customers, make them referrals. And they are also what helps us expand our selling and solutioning capabilities with all of their expertise, domain expertise, and vertical expertise.”

Jen Odess
ServiceNow Vice President of Global Partner Enablement

Partner Program Highlights:

  • A mature but growing partner ecosystem with a clear tiering and support structure
  • A sophisticated platform with services-intensive projects and programs
  • A dedicated partner enablement function for educating, guiding, and equipping partners and practitioners to deliver exceptional value to joint customers
  • Self-service partner enablement assets including education information, playbooks, and best practices and access to the Now Learning Platform
  • Self-service Partner Enablement Body of Knowledge (PENBOK) with step-by-step maturity models for growing across different persona-based tracks
  • Access to ServiceNow product, channel, and education experts

Keys to Service Partner Success:

Jen Odess, Vice President of Global Partner Enablement at ServiceNow, addresses three keys to success for partners in its ecosystem:

  1. Have a clear 1-3 year business strategy, know if you’re a specialist or generalist
  2. Translate that business strategy into a talent plan
  3. Ladder those plans across functions, verticals and geos

ServiceNow’s Approach to AI: 

ServiceNow integrates AI across its Now Platform to streamline enterprise operations, enhance user experiences, and automate routine tasks. This includes predictive analytics, machine learning models, and natural language understanding to improve decision-making and operational efficiencies. For partners, these AI capabilities open up opportunities to develop tailored solutions for specific industry needs.

Near-term Opportunities for Service Partners:

ServiceNow is actively looking for more partners across all four segments (resellers, solutions partners, consulting/implementation, and build partners). The company is specifically seeking service partners in target markets where ServiceNow is actively leaning in and looking to grow at an accelerated pace, including the U.S., Japan, India, Latin America, and UAE. They are also looking at those with data and AI capabilities who can help joint customers integrate and derive the greatest value from products with embedded AI.