Last updated: February 2024

About Snowflake

Snowflake delivers the Data Cloud, where businesses can unite and securely share data, power data applications, and execute AI and analytic workloads. Built from the ground up for the cloud, Snowflake offers secure, governed access to near-infinite amounts of data via the Snowflake Data Cloud, to support its mission to mobilize the world’s data.

In 2014, Snowflake disrupted data analytics by providing the first platform that allows enterprises to separate storage from compute – allowing users to scale up and down instantly and independently to meet data needs. In 2018, Snowflake introduced secure data sharing and Snowflake Marketplace, making data cross organizationally connected independent of cloud provider and region.

More recently, Snowflake introduced the concept of data programmability, which opens up huge opportunities for partners. Programmable data allows customers to bring applications to the data so they can interact with it in that environment rather than pulling data out of where it’s stored, which ensures data remains governed, secure and up-to-date.

Company Stats:



Market Segment:

Data & Analytics, AI


Sridhar Ramaswamy


About the Partner Ecosystem:

Snowflake boasts one of the fastest growing and most interconnected partner ecosystems of all the Tercera 30 Market Anchors. The partner ecosystem spans large GSIs to small specialized industry or region-specific data experts, as well as application and solution partners building intellectual property (IP) on top of the Snowflake Data Cloud.

There are a growing number of AI and modern data stack specialists, such as Hakkoda, that have chosen to specialize in Snowflake as well as the interconnected technology partners that power and support the Data Cloud. These interconnected partners include other Tercera 30 Anchors like AWS, Microsoft, and ServiceNow, as well as Tercera 30 Challengers like OpenAI and Dataiku.

As customers look to get their data house in order to prepare for AI and create new revenue streams, Snowflake has become a lucrative platform around which to build a channel-oriented services business.

Partner Program Highlights:

  • A customer-centric program that rewards partners that drive customer value through the consumption of Snowflake
  • AI and machine learning-powered customer referrals
  • Training, tools and resources to develop a Snowflake practice
  • Service funds available to partners that can make customer projects more affordable
  • GTM support and co-innovation around Industry Data Cloud apps

A consumption based business model is different…It’s not about recognizing partners at the time of transaction, it’s about recognizing them at the time they add value.”

— Philip Larson, Snowflake Sr. Director of Worldwide Partner Programs


To take advantage of the benefits of generative AI, organizations of all sizes will need access to governed, secure, and efficiently organized data. Tyler Prince and Philip Larson discuss how Snowflake partners are well positioned to help organizations use their own proprietary data sets for generative AI.

Near-term Opportunities for Service Partners:

Snowflake has experienced tremendous growth over the last few years, and the rise of AI will only provide more tailwinds. With around $2 billion in revenue, the company already serves more than 600 of the Fortune 2000, counts more than 400 customers with spend over a million dollars a year, and boasts one of the highest net customer retention rates in the industry.

Snowflake’s global alliances leader, Tyler Prince, highlights the rise of programmable data, and Snowflake’s platform and data sharing capabilities, as being perhaps the biggest growth opportunity for services partners in the coming years.