The 2023 Tercera 30

The Top Cloud Ecosystems for Partners

Discover the top 30 software companies around which to build or grow a technology services firm or practice.

The Tercera 30 profiles some of the most entrenched and promising software partner ecosystems out there, representing segments we believe are set to thrive in the cloud’s third wave.

Great partner ecosystems deliver the right blend of growth potential, service intensity, and partner friendliness.

We crunched 21 different types of data to assess the health and vitality of a software company’s partner ecosystem. But it’s not all about the numbers. Market sentiment and the experiences of partners working in those ecosystems heavily inform who makes the cut, and who doesn’t.

Tercera 30 vendors
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Shifts in growth rate, partner ecosystem maturity, and trends in AI and composable IT reshape the Tercera 30

Demand for AI and security usher in new Movers and Challengers​
100% of the 2023 Tercera 30 announced new AI capabilities
All Market Anchors remain, but some gain while others slow
Google and Oracle see their standing in the rankings grow
Market dynamics and strategy changes displace 9 companies
Nearly a third of the 2023 Tercera 30 are new additions
Composable architecture trends give rise to multi-vendor solutions
47% of technology services firms are considering new partner programs
AI critical to nearly every ISV and partner's business strategy
73% of fast-growing technology service firms prioritize AI
Great products and partner collaboration drive customer retention
In strong partner programs, 80% of referred clients purchase follow-on services

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