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Last updated: July 2024

About the Company:

Atlassian makes collaboration solutions for high-performing teams, helping technology and business teams to break down information silos and drive greater productivity across the enterprise. Atlassian’s Jira, Confluence and Trello products are used by teams globally, and its newer Jira Service Management and Jira Align solutions are gaining traction within medium to large enterprises.

The company posted a $1.2 billion third quarter in its fiscal year 2024, representing 30% year-over-year growth. Atlassian has made a big push to the cloud in recent years, and more than 300,000 customers use Atlassian cloud products, which is opening up even greater opportunities for partners.

Company Stats:



Market Segment:

Employee Productivity & Collaboration, Process Automation, Software Engineering


Mike Cannon-Brookes; Scott Farquhar



About the Partner Ecosystem:

Atlassian has relied heavily on its partner ecosystem from Day One to support sales, distribution and, most importantly, successful implementations. The company has more than 800 service partners, which come in all shapes and sizes from GSIs and global specialists to small regional players.

Historically, Atlassian has not had its own direct sales team, relying completely on partners. While it has started to build direct sales internally as it moves up-market, the company still considers partners as its primary go-to-market approach and has increased partner attach rates from 41% three years ago to more than 80% today. Like many maturing ecosystems, there has been a fair amount of M&A and consolidation across partners, but the partner ecosystem is still expanding on average 20% per year.


  • 800+ partners and 12,000 accredited individuals supporting customers across the globe
  • A lucrative resell program with special pricing is available for corporate resellers and official Atlassian partners.
  • Strong commitment to partners and co-selling with a high partner attach rate
  • Access to and ability to list custom solutions, plug-ins and integrations on the Atlassian Marketplace to extend and tailor the functionality of Atlassian products

“We just surpassed 4,000 downloads of Marketplace applications every business day…and when we see Marketplace applications within the Atlassian platform, it really points to customer commitment, stickiness and driving business value.”

Kevin Egan, Atlassian Chief Sales Officer

Near-term Opportunities for Service Partners:

Atlassian partners have historically serviced the entire Atlassian product spectrum, but this is becoming increasingly harder to do as the Atlassian product suite grows. Partners are being encouraged to choose where they want to go deeper with their expertise, especially as workflows move out of the data center and into the cloud and business process consulting becomes key to driving outcomes.

As Atlassian customers continue to migrate to the cloud, service opportunities abound there as well in areas such as:

  • Building custom applications to better service verticals
  • Implementing industry-specific processes and solutions
  • Integrating with other cloud systems within the customer’s environments
  • Establishing and improving data governance
  • Building specific AI agents to drive efficiencies
  • Driving better outcomes through business process consulting

“The makeup of our partner base and the expertise that they bring is changing and it’s becoming far more cloud centric. So, for those partners that are interested in getting deeper in business processes, getting deeper on cloud integrations, getting deeper on AI, we welcome them in the ecosystem.”

Kevin Egan, Atlassian Chief Sales Officer

Atlassian’s Approach to AI:

Atlassian recently introduced Rovo, its AI-powered product for searching and acting on enterprise information. Rovo leverages Atlassian Intelligence to help users find relevant data dispersed across multiple tools and platforms much more quickly, analyze and digest complex information more easily, and ultimately make better and faster decisions, driving enterprise productivity. With conversational AI capabilities and virtual teammates or agents to improve workflows, Atlassian describes Rovo as taking human-AI interaction to the next level.